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Ling Sepúlveda

Mexico (1982)


Ling Sepúlveda (Mexico, 1982)

His artistic practice links the viewer with aspects such as power, subjugation, simulation and game. Inspired by his local context, the artist addresses issues such as the paradoxical infrastructure of drug trafficking, the neglected northern lands, the national identity and its implications, and the country life (there are coincidences between the cattle and the Mexican more or less correct), among others. Sepúlveda is a multidisciplinary artist; his sound productions, video installations and performances have been exhibited in foundations, biennials and institutions among which Jumex Foundation and the National Biennial of Emerging Art stand out. He has received numerous awards as the Acquisition Prize in the XIII Biennial of Visual Arts of the Northwest, an Honorific Mention in the IV Biennial of Emerging Art in Monterrey, Mexico, and a scholarship by the The State Fund for Culture and Arts. He was part of 2013-2014 SOMA Academic Program and is currently working in the project Cavar el surco (To dig the furrow) for the Flora Ars + Natura / Casa del Lago Juan José Arreola Residency Program.



Installation. Dissected chicken and climbing cord
Variable dimensions


Yo no tuve nada que ver con las vacas
Installation. Carved wood
Variable dimensions