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Tláhuac Mata

Mexico (1989)


Tláhuac Mata investigates and reflects on the empty urban spaces and their relation with biological and political processes. His work addresses the problem on the contemporary landscape, emphasizing the quasi-documentary role of the representation of the environment and its historical dimension. He uses digital and virtual mediums as well as drawing, painting and sculpture.

Mata was part of the FONCA 2013-2014 Young Creators Program, the VIII Biennial of Painting and Engraving “Alfredo Zalce” in Morelia, Mexico; the II Contest of Plastic and Graphic Arts “Dr. Alfonso Pérez Romo” in Aguascalientes, Mexico; Salón ACME no.3 and PUM Proyectos Unidos Mexicanos in Mexico City. His work has been exhibited in international institutions and galleries such as Benetton Foundation in Venice, Italy; the Antiguo Colegio Jesuita in Michoacán, Mexico; Cuarto de Máquinas, Casa del Lago, Experimental Museum El Eco, Universidad Iberoamericana, La Quiñonera and MUCA Roma, in Mexico City.

Proyecto de inundación Xochimilco I

Proyecto de inundación Xochimilco I
Ink, watercolor and rice paper on paper
23.6 x 15.7 in

Sandbox #1

Sandbox #1
Inkjet and oil on sailcloth
27.6 x 19.7 in

Esculturas Residuales I

Esculturas Residuales I
Watercolor and ink on paper
11 x 8 in